Sunday, February 27, 2011

Penipuan Email..

Buka je email hari ini ada la plak nama awek kat inbox. Buka scam lagi. Korang pun tentu pernah terima email macam inikan. Kepada yang tak pernah dapat , di sini saya masukkan kandungan email yang saya terima. Kepada korang semua berhati2 bila dapat email macam ni, selalunya ada gambar awek negro. Kali ni je xda. 

Assalam o Aleikum!

I know it is normal and natural for you to wonder why I contacted you for assistance in this transaction, since we have not meet each other before, I am pleading that you be patient with me because I have no other choice than to do what I am doing now since it is the only way out of this problem I found myself based on the fact that most times in life, One must confide in another Person to survive,

I therefore decided to contact you to find a solution to my problem irrespective of the fact that we never knew each other, please do not misunderstand me since a journey of hundred miles starts with a step, I
am therefore begging you to accept me with an open heart and mind, it is the situation I found myself that made me to contact you and ask for your assistance.

I am contacting you to assist me to transfer the Sum of (6.5million united state dollar's) that I inherited from my Late Father which he made from the sale of Crude Oil Business, now i need to tranfer the
money in your care for investment in your Country under your Management while I continue my education because my education stopped due to the death of my Father, My mother died after giving birth to me, so I never knew my mother.

Many thanks to you if you can help me as I would compensate you with a good percentage of the money which is negotiable after the money has been successfully transferred and confirmed into your account, for
investment in your Country under your Management while I continue my education i will like to enroll in medicine in my arrival to your country.

Immidiately i confirm your willingness to help me transfer this money on your care i will not west time to send to you my photo and more detail's regarding this transaction,may the Almight Allah bless you and the entire member's of your Family, 

Your's Faithfully
Zaina Ishaaq
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