Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Penipuan Email.. Part 2.

Korang ingat lagi tak entri saya ini Penipuan Email... Saya ada balas email si Zaina ni. Kononnya saya berminat la dengan pemindahan wang yang dia nak buat ini. Hari ini saya ada menerima jawapan balas daripada si Zaina.

Untuk email ini saya tak akan balas kembali. Takkan lah saya nak dedahkan maklumat peribadi kepada negro-negro penipu ni lak kan. Dah ramai rakyat Malaysia yang terkena dengan diorang ni. Harapnya selepas ini tak kan ada lagilah ramai orang yang tertipu.

Kali ini Zaina ada letak gambar-gambar dia. Jadi korang tatap lah email dan gambar Zaina ni yer.


Thanks for your prompt responds concerning the proposal i sen't to you, my heartily greetings to you this day, I am glad for your interest in helping me with the funds transfer and investments in your country, please promise me that you will not betray me when my inheritance funds is transferred into your account.

Dear, I wish to inform you that I was born on 26th May 1989, a first year medical student of Ajame/ Abobo University of  Cote d’Ivoire before my father died which made it impossible for me to continue my educational carrier here I lost my mother when I was very young, I didn't even know her, My late Father remarry again and complete his Wife's 4 as a Good and honest Muslim Man, because he loved my mother so much, so I became his only lovely Daughter and he took me so special and did everything for my sake and also deposited the Money in the bank for my sake and for my future.

I would also want to meet with the bank here to request for the transfer to your account as soon as possible I want you to know that I want to leave here within the shortest possible time because I've been humiliated, harassed, and frustrated by my step Mother's and my immediate uncles in their efforts to take over all my late father's wealth, according to African tradition, whereby a Man dies without a son, all his properties will be shared among his brothers  that is (my uncles)  this is why my late Father deposited the funds in a fixed/suspense account for further transfer to overseas bank account.

Dear, my continuous stay here is not in my best interest as my life is not guaranteed here due to the injustice, current political crisis and killing of innocent people in this country. The fund in question is in my name but a mandate was placed on the account by the depositor which is my late Father, he mandated the bank to transfer the money to his foreign business partner's account which shall be provided by me if he is no more, as the next of kin to the deposited money that i have every right to provide to the Bank one of his business partner Banking information where they will transfer the fund, this is why I require a good overseas bank account where the money will be transferred to enable me leave here as soon as possible.

Dear, since my father died, I have been on the run to avoid being kill by the people that killed my father as my father seriously warned me that I should avoid his business friends, Wife's and his brothers on the event of his death because they are the people behind his untimely death. Right now as I am writing to you I am in a local hotel here for a hide out and nobody knows about it except as I am telling you now and I want you to keep it confidential for my security reasons, I must be very careful and precaution shall be my watchdog.

Base on the genuineness of this transaction I must not hesitate to provide you with my document's for proove of ownership for your perusal and confirmation please kindly find below my address, and other information’s for your references. I am sending you these details in trust and confidence and would want you to keep them absolutely confidential for security reasons please: Official address:

Amina Guest House Hotel.
4eme ├ętage, Immeuble la Roi
face de la garde de bassam
Cote d'Ivoire West Africa.

Dear, my late father was a well known as Crude Oil Business Man in this West Africa sub-region. He was one of the big exporter of cocoa produce in this country. I will appreciate your investment advices as soon as my inheritance money  gets into your account, because I am ignorant of business and investment world, so I will rely mostly on your advice in the investment aspect of this transaction, may the Almight Allah bless you.

Please we have to proceed immediately, so send to me your full detail's, a scanned copy of your photograph identity, your mobile telephone number and your account information where the Bank will transfer the money into your full detail's will enable me open discussions with the bank on your behalf as new benerficiarry to my inherited money in regards to the transfer, I want you to understand the need for urgency in this matter, and please i will not like you to be annoyed over this my request is just for strong building of trust among us and also for me to open discultion with the Bank about you in regard's to this transaction as new benerficiarry to my inheritance.

I will be waiting to hear from you as soos as you read this my mail together with my requirement's my mobile line is +22566147313, InShAllah.

Please get back to me as soon as possible.
May the Almight Allah Bless you
Best wishes with Love,
Yours sincerely Muslim Sister,
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